Private parties are similar to regular events, but they are for you and your special guests.  They can be booked any day/evening when there is a regular scheduled class as long as no one had already registered.  You may choose the painting.  For adult classes there is an 8 painter minimum.  We can have up to 22 people per party.  To reserve your class a $50. refundable deposit is required.  Cancellations require 4 day notice by phone or email.  The deposit will be forefitted if the class is cancelled less that 4 days prior.  You are welcome to bring in food and beverages for your event.


Kids Parties Ages 6-18

Kids parties will last 2 hours.  You may choose the painting.  The cost for up to 12 kids is $250.  Each additional child will be $15.  A refundable deposit of $50. is required to reserve a date.  Cancellations require 4 day notice by phone or email for a refund.  You are welcome to bring cake/ice cream. We supply plates, forks, napkins, and water.  We also allow time to open presents if you wish.


Call 330-351-0445 to celebrate your special date with us creating memories and art!